This digital sticker set includes Rider Waites Tarot Cards (22 Major Arcanas + 56 Minor Arcanas), Digital "Washi Tape" + more stickers for GoodNotes.




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Goodnotes - Ride Waite Tarot Card Digital Stickers

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Brea, CA

9/11/2020, 3:04:06 AM

A Mother's Thank You

My mother likes to give out orchids as a thank you gift.

The simple art style and color scheme matches the basic orchid gift so well and allows us to have a personalized note.

I got the potted orchid as I like the color scheme, but was pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect the kraft envelope to match the theme so well.

Thank you again for this card as it really embodies my mother's thank you.

Thank you.

I recommend this product.

Dominic B



9/3/2020, 6:04:54 PM

Love it!

Gave this card to my sister for her birthday and she loves it! 10/10 Would recommend ALL OF HER CARDS!

I recommend this product.



Pico Rivera, CA

8/29/2020, 7:43:41 AM

Yo quiero una mas!

Cute, simple, nicely packaged, and promptly shipped. Yo quiero una mas!

I recommend this product.

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